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  • Hey guys,

    Do you know the new way of youtube? You know,

    The one in which it just demonetize your video random? 

    (The yellow/annoying sticker?)

    Well, recently it just placed THAT demonetization in ALL MY VIDEOS!

    Seriously! I can't earn from youtube if it keeps this way!

    I need to afford my script-writer and my artists as well, this is so annoying because it just has done that random!

    I just want to say that in this period your contribution is really important to me

    because withouth your donations I wouldn't be able to afford anymore all the artists who collab with my channel...

    I'm afraid that even though I will reach the next achievement of this tipeee, I couldn't afford a new microphone actually since every video of mine would be flagged and I wouldn't use that money to pay my work, my artists and my scriptwriter.

    Thank you so much for your support again...I hope it is just a bad period that will end.

    In case, this channel would depend ON this patreon...and that would be sad, because youtube should SUPPORT his creators, not CENSOR them...

    So, good night my dears, and thanks again for choosing to support my channel,

    With love,

    Sorulay, your Empress Owl!

    P.S. If you don't believe me (like, 'oh she is saying that because she wants MORE money, so pathetic') look at this video:

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