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KobaltKitten - 0

I just subscribed today and so glad to have found you! Your accent and your roleplays are so relaxing and I love your content! I just had to support you.

Ailill - 0

Hi! Just wanted to say I appreciate your work and it has been very helpful for me to forget about things and get sleep/relax, I hope you have a wonderful time with your channel and please, stay happy and motivated! ^^

Psychozike - 0

I discovered you very recently and caught myself listening to each of your videos, your accent is really cute when you speak english c; and I really like your work. Keep it up and good luck with the rest!

Kelsiolli - 0

Recently became a fan! I look forward to listening to more of your ASMR videos!

Leftikan - 0

You are too adorable to not try and support a bit! I hope your motivation to make videos/audios keeps up with your channel growth!
Best wishes to you and congratz on 1k subs