Charles & Elin

Charles & Elin

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Lox - 0

You two remind me of us :'-} I wish we could have been creating together at your age & hope we will again someday. We're rather star-crossed lovers. His heritage Finnish, mine Swedish, but all American mutts. His artistic bent music & photography ~ mine knitting, writing & a wee bit of embroidery, based on old-fashioned pillow case patterns of my dear aunt's. I hope to expand that repertoire soon, with your inspiration! Light & love to you, cute couple! In love & creating together during springtime in lovely! :)

HeatherAlderman - 0

Looking forward to this.

tatianatsymbal - 0

Amazing work! Looking forwards to learning how to create this amazing embroidery..

dawn - 0

Thank you for sharing your wonderful work.

SueC - 0

Love your work - feeling very inspired!

4alaa - 0

You guys are inspiring and unique!

Taylor - 0

I have been eyeing these patterns for weeks, and I finally decided to pull the trigger. I've been dying to learn how to embroider, and I just couldn't find any patterns that I loved and then I found y'all's instagram. I am SO excited to get started!!

rima sauma
rima sauma - 0

Beautiful very creative work

Alisova Alexandra
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